Our adventure with hosting providers began in the nineties, when most of them had just a few employees. These were very good times! In the event of a problem, one could call directly the owner's mobile phone and virtually any problem was resolved instantly.

Over the last 20 years we have used many hosting providers. In almost every case the scenario looked very similar: in the beginning a small hosting company was working fast, reacting quickly to contact attempts, often introducing innovations. But with the development of almost all hosting providers, logistical problems and bureaucracy started to kill speed and efficiency.

After many attempts and moves, we have been started to usie the services of a global provider (Webfaction) - now happily for 6 years. The provider has grown significantly, but still remains flexible, fast and responds efficiently to problem reports (in our experience even problems with the "low urgency" flag are resolved within maximum 3-4 hours).