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Share with us your needs regarding data-driven IT solutions, describe what problems you would like to solve with the data that are available in your organization. Or maybe you are just wondering what data should be collected to improve your organization's performance? In any case - we will be glad to help you!

Internet applications

We build web applications that are best in collecting, processing and presenting data. Our web sites and applications collect customer data, measure times (eg. response times) with milisecond precision, and present thousands of pages of important customer information

Analytical tools

Typical descriptive software collects up-to-date information from external data sources, and analyzes and summarizes the data. The results are then presented in the most readable form: 2D and 3D charts, tables , or a narrative. Our tools conform to key web standards, including responsiveness, and cross-platform compatibility.

Event Management

We handle international conferences, seminars and trainings. We specialize in public health events, harm reduction in prisons and in the society, and reduction of the harm associated with cigarette smoking. We provide delegate management services, presentation management, program coordination and design.

Predictive models

We help organizations make informed decisions based on data. We build predictive models using statistical (machine learning) techniques with deep learning and neural networks, using modern quantitative tools such as Python, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, R.