Portfolio - wybrane projekty

Wśród naszych klientów są m.in. Altkom Akademia, Elsevier, Harm Reduction International, KAC Communications, Krajowe Centrum ds. AIDS, London Drug & Alcohol Policy Forum, MENAHRA, Stołeczny Komitet ds. AIDS, TVN, UNESCO, University of Kent, University of Frankfurt, Correlation Network.

My 1st 48H Out

EU Project "My First 48 Hours Out

City Health Conference 2019

International City Health Conference 2019 - Liverpool, UK.

HarmReduction.eu Database

Database of Harm Reduction resources: training materials, news, videos, reports etc.

GFN 2016

Reducing harm, saving lives - Third Global Forum on Nicotine - Marriott, Warsaw

City Health Conference 2016

International City Health Conference 2016 - London, UK.

MENAHRA Conference 2016

Reduce Harms - Ensure Rights. 3rd Regional Conference on Harm Reduction - Beirut, Lebanon


How people and organizations deal with daily overflows - Warsaw Management Summit


Knowledge hub and elearning platform for professionals involved in harm reudction in prisons

GFN 2015

2nd Global Forum on Nicotine - Marriott, Warsaw

City Health Conference 2015

International City Health Conference 2015 - Barcelona, Spain

GFN 2014

First Global Forum on Nicotine - Marriott, Warsaw